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Cruisers attractions Puerto Aventuras

Puerto Aventuras, beach, marina and resorts, Mayan Riviera, Mexico is a small village surrounded by lush jungle and turquoise waters of the Caribbean. Puerto Aventuras, in the middle of the Riviera Maya, is a successful tourist development, planned to have all the modern world’s services but conserving the flair of small towns.

Mayan Riviera, Puerto Aventuras
Puerto Aventuras beach, marina and resorts is home to visitors who decided to stay in paradise and enjoy, the dolphin swimming programs. Among other great activities, the Dolphin swimming programs are one of the preferred ones in Puerto Aventuras, but the dolphinarium also features sea lions, manatees, rays and many species of monkeys and birds.

Beautiful beaches surround the area to sailing, fishing, scuba diving or snorkeling. Puerto Aventuras, Mayan Riviera is the ideal place for those who look for dolphins, nature, culture and ecology.

Riviera Maya, Mexico
The main tourist areas have all the facilities, such as internet service, fax, and telephone service with pre-paid or credit cards.

Dolphin Royal Swim
The most famous of our interactive programs with the smart and funny dolphins, described with the words “action and speed”!
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Dolphin Swim Adventure
This interactive dolphin program was created to share a series of sensational and safe activities between you and the dolphins!
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Dolphin Encounter
The favorite for children of all ages that lets you learn, hold them, watch their amazing tricks, get a serenade, splash... and kiss!
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Sea Lion Discovery
A great opportunity to swim with these marvelous animals. You will interact with sea lions, manatees and swim with dolphins!
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